Concert at Bénévent l'Abbaye - a choir member's experience

On Wings of Song.

  Last Sunday Cantique sang to a large audience in the church at Bénévent l'Abbaye in a concert entitled 'O Bon Printemps.'
  Sadly the weather did not match the warmth of sound generated by this forty strong choir, but three love songs by Manuel Oltra added a touch of Mediterranean heat whilst Massenet and Debussy lent an air of romance
This choir enjoys a wide ranging repertoire including works by its own conductor Colin Cartwright. The concert featured 'Let all the world' which provided a stirring opening, followed by works by American composer Eric Whitacre  and  the Norwegian Ola Gjeilo.
  Accompaniment  was by José Carlosema at the piano who also played a wonderfully evocative solo by Debussy.
  Cantique  was  honoured by the presence of honoured guests from the Conservatoire in Guéret as well the Conseil Regional de la Creuse and this venture was supported by Radio France Bleu.
  A surprise came in the lively form of a large jackdaw which was insistent upon joining in with the music. Unfortunately this uninvited guest was keen to show off some spectacular feats of acrobatics at it flew around the cupola at regular intervals causing the singers to be showered with all manner of things!
  But the show must go on, and the performance ended with a rousing performance of Massenet's 'Chantez!' After a wonderfully enthusiastic ovation the choir sang the famous Hallelujah  chorus from Messiah.
  We must stress that this is the first time the choir has really been 'given the bird'!
  Cantique would very much enjoy a return visit to this lovely venue in the future, perhaps with some better weather in which to enjoy the Creuse-and with all feathered friends very definitely on the outside!

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