Practice for the AGM

Following a long stretch without a drop of rain, we woke on Sunday to find ourselves splashing about like ducks! Of course, for gardeners everywhere it was long overdue and more than a little welcome, but we at Cantique had a busy day ahead so we put on our macs and loaded up the car with music bags, music stands, and all the usual paraphernalia needed for a typical Cantique rehearsal.


It was our assemblée générale rehearsal and a bean feast all rolled into one. In truth, I suppose we were all looking forward to feasting on what we knew would surely be a wonderful lunch provided by Veronique from Le Relais de la Tour at Champsac, so there was a great incentive to sing well and move on!

The AGM was a short one and passed off efficiently without delaying us too long, although the smell of the food was by this time wafting through the room and I for one was hungry! Soon we were seated and happily filling our mouths and stomachs with a fine repas.


When we came out of Jaques Brel in Rochechouart the rain had stopped, the sun was in evidence, and the day had turned into one which just showed a tinge of Autumn. I think I can speak for many when I say that it was a good day.


A few comments from some of our singers ...

    The copious cold buffet which followed our meeting gave us the opportunity to socialise. An event worthy of repetition and proved a very convivial occasion. —Anon    
    I thought that yesterday was a great success. The food was good and good value. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. —Steve Nicklen    
    A lesson in mixing business with pleasure! —Anon    

It seems I was not the only singer to have enjoyed our day.