Easter Sunday wish fulfillment

Nice to have something to dress up for on an Easter Sunday morning, but, for us, a rather unusual choice of venue. We were going to Mass in the church at Rochechouart. I’m not a religious sort of person, but I do appreciate beautiful buildings and music, and as members of Cantique were singing and Rochechouart has a beautiful church, this gave us two good reasons to be there.

The atmosphere was lovely and quite joyous ... Easter is a celebration after all ... and the ceremony and ritual quite fascinating. A full church of devoted people.

My highlight, of course, was the music. As front of house for Cantique as opposed to singer, my take on things is from a different angle. I see the performance from the other side, as it were. I don’t pick up on the tiny mistakes, or how many singers miss a beat or a note, or how good or bad the various sections are. I hear it holistically and am able to enjoy the complete sound.

Easter Sunday, therefore, was a treat, as the choir lifted the proceedings, but more than that, I was rewarded by hearing one of my very favourite works, Caccini’s Ave Maria. Since first hearing this piece quite a few years ago, I have longed to hear it performed by Cantique. Unexpectedly I got my wish, and above all, hearing it alongside Jane Parry playing the flute obbligato took my breath away.

A really good start to the new season’s programme.

Sylvia Teale